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Ask yourself, “How is technology making my business more efficient and profitable?”  If the answer is that it is not, perhaps some refocusing is needed.  Let’s be honest, we all want things to make our lives easier.  With life as it is today, we don’t need more complications…especially where our livelihoods are concerned.

Refocusing Technology is designed to help you first make sense of the technology options you have available to you and second, to help you actually use them for your business.  Technology can be anything from Facebook to blogging to complicated collection software.  What is it that your business needs?   Refocusing Technology would like to focus on you.

It seems that it (all of this technology stuff) has become a game of showing off skills instead of actually working with a client’s needs and wants.  It’s your business!  You should have some level of control in the process right?

Have you ever sat down with someone who asked for your input but the whole time you were talking, you could see them formulating their own agenda?  And when you were done, they said something like, “Great…so what I was thinking is…”  Instead they should have been saying, “Okay…can you clarify and help me make sure I understand you?”

We want to help you partner with technology again.  Trust it…not fear it.  Make it work for your business.  After all, we take very seriously the fact that it is your blood, sweat and tears we are working with.