What is Google Wave?

by Jeremy on November 30, 2009

I have had a few people ask “What is Google Wave?”.  Personally I think that it is kinda hard to explain what Wave is.  My first reaction is it’s a new take on web collaboration and communication.  In my previous article about Wave, I described it as Google Talk 2.0.

It is really a new look at how to communicate and collaborate online.  It is mix between a status feed (like FaceBook or Twitter), instant messaging (like AIM or MSN), and email.  It gives you the ability to communicate and share information and files (in future) and other information all in a real time format.

Completely confused by my description?  Here’s a video that Google produced:


Here are some other links that may help describe Wave:

Google Wave – About

WhatisGoogleWave.com (Blog by Google)

Google Wave Guide

I hope that the resources help with understanding what Google Wave is.  If you are interested (and while supplies last) I still have a few invites (since Wave is still by invite only).  If you’re interested… send me your email address.

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