Kindle without the Kindle

by Jeremy on May 20, 2010

Obviously the world has drastically changed for the Amazon Kindle.  What was once the coolest kid in school, now looks like a black and white TV on a shelf of LCDs.  The iPad, coming slate tablet devices, and even smart phones have really taken the luster off the once glowing device.  I believe that Amazon is going to have a tough time bringing the device out of the slump with all of the other options that will soon exist.

Amazon has taken a slightly different tact in this market and I think it is a very wise one.  They are positioning themselves as the content provider.  You can download the Kindle app for the iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, and soon Android.  It will allow you to purchase and download books from Amazon’s Kindle marketplace and view them on your favorite device.  This promises to be a terrific idea on their part because it gets them back at their core business and allows them to benefit from all the new devices available.

While I don’t think that the Kindle device will be saved, I do think that Amazon’s approach to being the content store will definitely be a very profitable endeavor for them.

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