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by Jeremy on July 27, 2010

Alright so I had the option of mailing in my license tag renewal or doing it online… but I procrastinated.  So, it was time to head off to the DMV to do it the old fashioned way.  In thinking about it, I remembered something that I had read about being able to “get in line” via the county treasurer’s web site.  So I decided to try it.  Right there on the web page it tells you how to check-in.

Well, I tried it from my Android phone and it failed.  I couldn’t get signed up so I had to go old school.  Not the best thing.  But after sitting in line for 45 minutes, I decided to learn a little more about the initiative in Johnson County, Kansas to make this process much more efficient.

The option that has been around the longest is to simply fill out the form you receive in the mail and send it back with a check.  You’ll then receive your tags in the next couple of weeks.  Pretty simply snail-mail process.

The next step that was added to keep you from having to stand in line was the basic e-commerce model.  Go to the website, enter your information and the provided PIN number.  Then make a payment and the tags are shipped your way.  Of course, you’ll pay for that convenience.

The newest piece to come online here in Johnson County I think is quite revolutionary.  It’s called the QLess system (website).  It gives you some options that bring the standard “take a number” process into the 21st century.  First, as I discussed earlier, you can check in online.  When you do this, it gives you a basic timeframe and you provide a phone number where you will receive a text message about 15 minutes in advance.  If you don’t check in online, the DMV has kiosks available at check-in.  You then have two options when you check in: paper or phone.  If you choose paper, it is simply an electronic number that will be called when the next representative is ready.  The phone option acts like checking in online.  About 15 minutes before your number comes up… the system notifies you.  This allows you to go grab coffee, fill up your tank, etc.

Here’s an article about this technology: The End of the Line for DMVs?

It seems like a pretty decent way to make getting new tags not nearly as painful.  Of course, I vow (as I did last year), that I will just pay it online and get my tags in the mail next year!!  Ha ha.

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