Who’s Next?

by Jeremy on August 10, 2010

It’s been truly entertaining over the years to follow the tech market.  There was a day that Microsoft was the monopolistic giant that only the government could contain via anti-trust lawsuits.  Then Google was about ready to take over the entire market.  Today, Apple (as far as the stock market is concerned) is the second largest company in the U.S.  Microsoft is faltering in the innovation realm and Google seems to be playing the me-too game in most spaces.

Just a few short years ago, many analysts were calling for the extinction of Apple.  Steve Jobs was no where to be found.  The company had little to no direction and it was really only kept alive by true believers of the Mac religion.  At that point, Microsoft was truly unstoppable.  They were in every space and dominating any market they happened to find interesting.  Google wasn’t even a twinkle yet.

Today, Apple is second only Exxon in size per market cap.  They have been very dominant in the mobile and now tablet markets.  They seem to be a step ahead.  The previous giant, Google, seems to be languishing with a bunch of products that seem more like replicas of other people’s ideas instead of true innovation.  Microsoft, although they still have a strong yet shrinking base, seems to be unable to recreate the “magic” under Steve Balmer.  The company seems to miss every time they try to innovate.

I guess this brings about a couple of questions: What’s next and Who’s next?  It will probably be a Apple for a while but I’ll bet that it won’t belong before someone else looks like the next greatest thing.  Just my thought!

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