Is Cloud Computing Secure for Businesses?

by Guest on February 23, 2012

From Jeremy: Interesting guest post about businesses utilizing Cloud Computing resources. I hope you find it interesting as well.


As cloud computing’s popularity has surged for consumers, businesses have also started to take steps toward it. More and more, companies are deploying things such as cloud hosting and software-as-a-service (SaaS) in order to save money and decrease the amount of time it takes to upgrade or make changes to their computing systems.

While the cloud is convenient, it does present some questions for companies considering switching. One of these questions is whether the cloud is truly safe for companies to use. Reliability and security are two of the biggest concerns normally voiced by companies.

Reliability is one of the most frequent issues that businesses have to consider. After all, a business that uses cloud hosting is risking a lot more than an individual. While failure on the cloud for the consumer’s side of things means that a person might lose part of their iTunes library, failure on the cloud for a business means losing customer records or other important data. It means losing money.

Most cloud service providers avoid this problem, though, by taking the data they store and backing it up at an off-site premise. This means that in the event the main storage facility fails, a backup is readily available. Businesses can also avoid this by keep local backups of their most important data, and only storing the data they can afford to lose on the cloud.

Security is the other major concern that comes up frequently when discussing the cloud. Whether or not a cloud vendor can be trusted to host sensitive data, such as patient records or employees’ private information, is a hot topic. Concerns are commonly raised over what employees at the cloud provider can access the data being stored there, and how easy it is to take in and out of the facility.

Resolving this issue is simply a matter of trust. For cloud computing to be safe for a business, a reputable provider needs to be chosen. Dell Cloud computing and other companies with solid reputations are already known to be trustworthy. Choosing a company that is well-known usually means they’ll have and enforce the proper security protocols.

The cloud is safe for businesses to use, at least for the most part. There are some risks with it, and not properly addressing them can be disastrous. However, there are risks with any traditional IT setup, as well. The best practice is for companies to move to the cloud if it makes sense, but still be aware of and address any concerns as they normally would.

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