Where do we go from here?

by Jeremy on October 18, 2012

Over the past months I have really been asking myself where does my career and business go from here?  Obviously the software development arena is a good one but I have really be wanting to further focus my energies.  Since I launched Refocusing Technology I have wanted to find the answer to ‘How does technology truly advance business?’.

For the last decade, it’s all been about .Net development.  .Net is a great toolset and I enjoy it. While I won’t argue that Ruby on Rails, PHP, or Java can’t beat .Net in some avenues, I would argue that .Net definitely fits the bill when it comes to it’s focus – enterprise computing.  It is a great toolset and I have enjoyed utilizing it and will definitely continue utilizing it.

After doing some searching on where I want to go I really started looking into the concept of Predictive Analytics which lead me further into the general topic of Business Intelligence.  Learning more about this idea has caused me to really want to pursue additional knowledge and skill.

What is Business Intelligence you might ask?  Well, simply put, it’s the idea of using all that data you’ve collected to really help you make business decisions.  Obviously this concept has existed for decades… the difference in today’s world is where this is taking us going forward.

Instead of just printing a report and having to review it in order to make sure everything looked right… the system simply notifies you when something went wrong.  Intelligent alerts put the business rules into the system and then allow you to go about doing other things that reviewing reports all the time.

Or… what about implementing digital dashboards that act just like your car’s dashboard?  Instead of showing you each and every detail of what’s going on in the engine it shows you the specific things you need to know.

As part of this path, I have started a new educational voyage toward a Certificate in Business Intelligence.  I have taken the first course and am looking forward to moving into the additional courses.

I will go further in depth into this endeavor as time goes on…

photo by: B Tal

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