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Refocusing Technology

Who are we?  Just as our personal lives can get out of focus, so can our business lives.  But unlike our personal ones, our business lives can be more complicated to refocus because you usually have more people involved, less time to refocus and a personal life to manage.  Not to mention, it takes more money to do it.  The thought of having to go out and figure out the technologies just so you can decide whether or not you want to invest more time in them can be overwhelming.  It’s like doing research before you start the real research.  No one has time for that.  We can certainly help!

Maybe you don’t even know where to start and need a solutions architect to help you from start to finish?  Or maybe you have your own IT group that can do the programming but you need someone to help you refocus and design the system?  Or maybe you just need a coach to help you with a blueprint for how to use blogging to your benefit?  We can help you refocus.

If you want more detail, just check out our “services” page.  Give us just a little bit of your precious time and we promise to discuss the problems and solutions with you in a way that eliminates all the confusing tech jargon and that focuses on your business.

Jeremy Lattimore
(Business Solution Finder/Creator)
Who am I?

I am a father, husband, wannabe runner, reader and purveyor of useless fun facts.  (Did you that a female mosquito can beat her wings up to 500 times per second? )  I am a bit of a political junkie and a social media addict.  I love golf and am working on finding more time to actually play.  And I love the Minnesota Twins, even if they are having an off season!

On a professional level, I completed my undergrad in Computer Information Systems and then a few years later I finished my MBAI am passionate about technology and about business.  I have been able to take the best of both of those worlds and have been fortunate enough to make them work together and do something I love.

After spending years listening to “tech-heads” confuse clients with tech speak, I decided I wouldn’t go that route.  I’d rather earn your trust while working with you to refocus your business than to impress you with big words only to leave you dissatisfied with the results.  If you want to test me on it, give me a call.

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Andrea Lattimore
Who am I?  I am a mom, wife and lover of anything outdoors—hiking, swimming, canoeing, etc.  I love to read and spend time with my family.  I am a little type A…I will reorganize the fridge just for fun.  I’m slightly competitive and maybe a little obsessive.  But that translates well on a professional level.

I completed my undergrad in communications with a minor in management.  I followed that up with law school, spending a number of years in the crazy foreclosure world before jumping ship to focus on our family and our business.  My experience developing product lines and their processes and procedures has given me a great appreciation for efficient business and the technologies that make them run.

At times, the closer you are to a situation, the harder it can be to see your challenges.  I enjoy taking disorganized things and making sense of them.   I love “what if” questions!  And I love to be the new perspective on things to see how a fresh set of eyes can refocus something.  I’d be honored if you let me help you refocus.