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Before someone tells you that your business needs a whole new system in order to compete, wouldn’t you like them to at least look at your current system to see what you have?  Too many people are willing to push their “latest and greatest” software solutions on your business…even if it does not fit.  Our approach is simple…let’s see what you have and then decide how to enhance that system first.  Perhaps you just need some automation to make you more profitable.  Perhaps in the end, a whole new system is needed.  But we like to begin with the What, Why and How.  Here are a few places we like to start:

  • Business Process Analysis:  Simply put…what is your current process?  It may seem like an easy question but have you recently tried to put your answer into words?  Can you easily explain it to an outsider?  Sometimes just working through your processes with a fresh set of eyes can help you find solutions you have been missing.
  • Process Reviews:   Another seemingly easy question…why do you handle your current processes the way you do?  If the answer is “because we always have” perhaps we could look a bit further.  This is an extremely important question because it lays the groundwork for efficient processing.  By optimizing how you do your business and  by streamlining tasks, you are able to handle more work with less effort and expense.
  • Process Efficiency/Reengineering Consultation:  Is there a better way?  Can your process be refocused or do you want a new one?  Can we just refine things in a few places to make you more profitable?  Can we automate certain areas in the process?
  • Automation Consultation:  Once you have confirmed your processes and found your automation areas, we can create the very custom solution that will provide you with the most efficient business you can have.
  • Product Reviews:  Perhaps you have done the majority of the technology research by yourself or you have someone in your IT group that has done it for you but you are still not quite sure about the solution.  Before you spend lots of time and money, let us know.  We can go over the products with you to help you make the right decision for your business.
  • Development Consultation:  If we have made it to the end of our analysis and you still want or need more, we can work with you on more custom solutions.  If you need architecture, design, database and/or software development, we are happy to provide those services as well.  Check out our development page for more details.

Photo By: Creative Commons License h.koppdelaney